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    Anime Rules

    White Hollow
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    Anime Rules

    Post  White Hollow on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:38 am

    Okay not so many rules so try to follow

    I. No inappropriate content in the topics or inappropriate anime discussions or images(hentai).

    II. "Vs.." topics cannot be as well as "The best...", they result in SPAM

    III. Once a topic about discussing a certain anime is posted, I shall sticky it and call it "Official [Anime Name] Thread"(I will allow for these to be necrobumped as long at it doesn't reach 6months+), if you wish to discuss anything related to any of the above anime, please post in the appropriate topic. If an official topic does not catch your attention at first glance, use Ctrl+F to search. Otherwise, you may create a topic. If you create a topic which can be discussed in one of the officials, it WILL be locked without notice.

    IV. All topics requesting animes you want to watch. MUST contain a list of watched animes to assist with members helping deciding what animes to suggest.

    V. Posting streaming links must be supervised, PM me the link and wait a reply before posting a thread.

    May be updated

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