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    General Rules of The Neon Forums.


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    General Rules of The Neon Forums.

    Post  +NightWalker on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:32 am

    General Rules of The Neon Forums.

    Well with any Forum there must be rules. I expect everyone to respect and follow them. And remember no one is an exception.

    I - Respect

    Something you must remember, a forum is like an online community. Everyone is to respect each other, or else this community would be a pain to be in. Harassment and abuse is intolerable on the forums. Act appropriately or leave.

    II - Plagiarism

    If you steal another persons work, and claim it as you're own. Sooner or later you will be caught. Not only is it wrong, but it is illegal. I highly recommend you do not try anything like that in my forum.

    III - Inappropriate Content

    A vast majority of our members are under 13. And they should not be presented with content that they should not view. I'f you think it's inappropriate, don't post. It's that simple.

    IV - SPAM

    Call it what you will. "SPAM" is an easy way to achieve points, and instead of being praised you will be frowned upon. 1 word posts, incomplete sentences, hard too read wording. These are all ways to get warned for spam.

    V - "Mini-Modding"

    Also called backseat modding. I put alot of thought into the process of choosing staff. They are capable of handling any problem the site comes across. So not only is mini-modding annoying, but it's unneeded.

    VI - Double Accounting

    Having two accounts really is unnecessary, so i will not go into great detail with this rule. Basically, one account is good enough. If for any reason you are forced to create anther account, inform the staff first.

    VII - Advertising

    You are able to speak of other internet sites, but you cannot try and lure members into registering or applying to any site. This is annoying and it's taking away my members.

    VIII - Staff is Superior

    In any disagreement within the site. If a staff member find's it is best for the site if said action was ruled. A member must respect that decision. Do not try and contact an Admin, or make a scene, you will not win.

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