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    Movies and TV Rules

    White Hollow
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    Movies and TV Rules

    Post  White Hollow on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:08 am

    Not so many, so easy to read;

    I. You may discuss upcoming movies and TV series but no links before released are allowed, unless its a trailer or footage.

    II. No inappropriate content. If your thread contains:

    Cartoon Violence, Semi-Harsh Language or cartoon sexual content place [PG-Free] at the topic's tittle or don't post it at all

    Mild Violnece, Harsh Language, blood or semi sexual content place [PG-14] at the topic's tittle.

    Violence, Intense Language, blood & gore, horror or drugs place [PG-16] at the topic's title.

    Intense Gore, sexual content, porn or intense horror IS NOT ALLOWED AND WILL RESULT IN LOCK AND BAN.

    III. Polls between characters or series aren't allowed since they result in SPAM. For now ignore this but if I notice spam, this rule takes place.

    May add more.

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