Welcome to the NeonForums Beta!

Welcome To the Neon Forums Beta.

    Daily Forum Updates.


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    Daily Forum Updates.

    Post  +NightWalker on Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:58 am

    For now, so much is being done in the forums. We can't spam the announcement forum with threads, but we still want the member's to know what's going on throughout the forum. So this thread will be updated daily, with additions. Although posting in this thread is disabled, you can post you're concerns and issues in the Official Beta Thread. You're concerns, i promise will be dealt with.


    +Forum is up and running.
    +Categories and sub forums are made.
    +Theme is imported.
    +Logo is up
    +Basic icons are changed with custom icons
    +Special ranks are made.


    +Official Rules. Added.
    +Rank colors are changed.
    +Basic rank icons are activated.
    +A bot is made.
    +Member ranks are made.
    +Widgets are activated.


    +Widgets look gay. Disabled.
    +Theme is changed again. Looks much better.
    +Custom Member avatar is made.
    +Keywords and Meta tags are added.

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